A long lasting, hard to find GPS tracker to increase the chance of retrieval of stolen objects

Long lasting GPS Tracker

Our Geotrace is a long lasting GPS tracker which you can install and then forget. You put it in the to be tracked product like a motorcycle or car and you don’t have to do anything anymore, until it gets stolen.

Long lasting GPS trackers which are designed to last 2 years depended on the requested interval.

There are multiple settings for different purposes. When it gets stolen, you can enable the Theft mode in your personal dashboard. When Theft mode is enabled, the tracker will activate itself and start publishing its location to our main server. The default mode of the tracker is then sending its location every day and requesting new settings everyday. When we mark the device as stolen, it will activate itself and will follow up to the given rules. We can set different intervals in the dashboard. The GPS tracker is not connected to anything. It cannot be traced by for example following the wires of the GPS tracker connected to the car's battery. Our GPS tracker is standalone and very small, so it’s easy to hide it.

The GPS tracker has got a low possibility of being jammed. As it is using the latest technology, most jammers are focused on Sim card trackers. And even if the GPS tracker is jammed, if you have hidden it correctly, they will not find it. So whenever the jammer is gone, it will broadcast its location at its default interval.

When they (thieves for example) are monitoring outgoing connections from the tracked device like a car or motor, the chance of seeing this small package with its location and battery percentage, is very low. If the tracker is set up to send its location and request new settings once a day, how big is the chance they will find it by monitoring it?

No SIM card required, we are not using the SIM card method. Sim card GPS tracker will not be able to last this long with the size of the GPS tracker we have and want.

The size of the GPS tracker is 45x53x25mm

Smallest interval possible is 5 minutes. Longest interval is 24 hours. The higher the interval, the faster the battery drains. We use Industrial quality batteries which limits its automatic drain. Those batteries are created for long lasting devices.

The GPS tracker is multipurpose as you can change the settings through the air.


  • Standalone, easy to integrate

  • Activate and forget

  • Small and easy to hide

  • API available

  • No SIM card required

  • Long lasting battery

  • Battery optimised, easy to replace battery, no charging

  • Easy to use interface in mobile application

  • Push notification in an app used to notify users of certain requested events

  • Small fee for network usage after service ending

Your own dashboard

An easy to use dashboard to see the history of the locations and manage your GPS tracker its settings.

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